The New M.E. Generation

{October 7, 2008}   The Swedish Massage 7 – Mark

I’m still struggling with this whole experience the following day. I kept calling people searching for answers.

Why am I still dwelling on this?

I go down my list of names and decided to give it one last shot with my other boy, Mark.

I’ve known him since I was in college in Connecticut. He was the best friend of this guy who dated my Junior-year roommate, and at that time he was working in a city about an hour away from campus. We all made a road trip to Canada on a Thanksgiving weekend and from that time remained friends ever since.

I would invite him to go with me to any event occurring on campus, especially Halloween parties. He was the ultimate party animal.

He also cared about me and looked out for my best interests.

He’s the one you can call and talk about anything. I mean, anything, including the three letter ‘s’ word. He definitely gives new meaning to the words “Bed, Bath and Beyond.”

“He offered you a Swedish massage? How exactly did he say it?” asked Mark.

“What’s this, a call to a 900 number? You sound more interested in what he said than what I have to say. Besides, you’re married.”

“And you think by us having this type of conversation constitutes cheating?”

“This is not what I called you for Mark.”

“You know, there was this time when a female friend of mine gave me a call because she was having problems reaching, you know, and I helped her get there, about five times during the conversation. This doesn’t mean I did anything wrong.”

“You engaged in phone sex? That’s what almost happened to me! I called you because I need your help.”

“Well then, go get that Swedish massage you decided to skip. Another female friend of mine says they work better than Yoga. And you definitely need one.”

“Enough said!”


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