The New M.E. Generation

{October 22, 2008}   Costume Change 3 – I dream of…

It’s still 2004 and I make a second attempt at a costume store. In this one there’s both the choice of renting or buying. I also make the wrong choice of bringing my ex-significant other along.

He already knew the costume that he wanted: the one of the police snitch, Huggy Bear, from the Starsky and Hutch movie. Because it was released that same year, he had no problem finding it.

Me, I struggle with everything, including his comments. I can’t understand why he is tapping on my body so much.

I literally tried everything, but most of them are the same short dresses he says I don’t have the legs or body to wear. He puts his lips up at all of them.

Then, the last one I decided to try, the ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ TV show character, fits me perfectly.

Better yet, it has pants that cover my legs (introductory theme song please).

I asked (him), “What do you think?” (I’m excited and confident he’ll give me ‘two thumbs up’).

“Fine, get it. I want to get out of here.”

That’s it? No ‘you look nice,’ ‘cute,’ or anything else?

I tried not to get affected by what’s happening. I kept repeating myself that it’s his birthday party. We paid and left.


TMC says:

Let me tell you something girl: you looked awesome in that costume! I loved it on you. You looked very cute. So there!!! You looked great. Too bad he did not acknowledge.

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