The New M.E. Generation

{October 28, 2008}   Costume Change 9 – ‘Oh Steve…’

About a week after the 2007 Halloween party, Dina sent me an electronic photo album of the event.

Wow, I couldn’t believe it was actually me wearing that sailor costume. Dina has a talent for capturing the essence of the moment and although I was going through a difficult time, the shots showed a different shade of me. I am smiling and partying like there was no tomorrow. For one night I had succeeded in forgetting all my problems and enjoyed life for a change.

The first person I forwarded them to was George.

“I viewed them at the office with my buddies and let me tell you, you caused quite a stir. I should definitely try to make it to that party one of these years,” said George the day after receiving the pics.

Fast-forward to the summer of 2008 when I found myself making my first solo trip to Washington DC where George lives. We haven’t seen each other in years nor I have met his wife. He also felt the change of scenery would be beneficial for me during this dramatic period in my life.

Since George works in the downtown area, right in the middle of everything, I was to commute with him to work, spend the day on my own, and at 5pm we would both head back home.

He took me to his office the day I arrived. He walked me around and introduced me to his colleagues. For some reason, some of the guys were very happy to see me. I even saw one walking by looking at me. He quickly walked back and stared at me even more.

“Oh, Steve…,” said George. “Could you honor us with your presence?”

Steve had a big grin on his face and shakes my hand very enthusiastically. “So very nice to meet you!”

After the tour is over, George offered to walk me downstairs before I ventured out to the city. We got into the elevator and, out of the blue, so do Steve.

“So, how do you like it so far?” said Steve.

“I don’t know. I just got here,” I replied.

What’s up with this guy anyway?

I later learned the reason behind them guys being so nice to me – the Halloween pictures. It sounded like they had more hits than the Paris Hilton video. And Steve was the nicest of them all.


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