The New M.E. Generation

{November 2, 2008}   Costume Change 14 – No more of this please

I’m wrestling with everyone and everything to get inside the mansion when the rain gets really nasty. I’m trying to reach one of the entrances when I realized security is not allowing people to go inside for being overcrowded. Luckily Edward came out and I recognized him; he’s dressed like a German soldier and had made believe bullet shots in his face that are dripping blood.

I asked him to follow me and we managed to walk around until I found Dina and Melanie. We all hanged out for a while and, like in a horror movie, Dina and Melanie disappeared once again without a trace. The party is about an hour away of being over, so Edward and I decided to dance what’s left of it.

While on the dance floor, this guy that is dressed up as a fireman gets close and tries to dance with me. I politely let him knew that I was with another person and he eventually moved away.

The party ended at midnight. Oddly enough, as soon as it ended, so did the rain.

Because of the amount of people present, Edward suggested waiting for some of them to leave before exiting the venue. We sat on the steps of one of the mansion’s entrances watching people go by.

Little did I know that my hair-raising experience of the night was about to happen.

“Why didn’t you dance with the fireman?” asked Edward.
“Because I’m here with you and would have been incorrect to do so,” I responded.

He then had the costume change I didn’t want to get a ‘treat’ for.

“Is there anyone in your life that puts out your fire?” he proceeded to ask.

I turned my face away from him and grind my teeth. My body temperature rose to a boiling point, turning my skin color redder than that of my costume, and smoke came out of my ears. My costume change then became that of a dragon, ready to shoot fire at him.

“A penny for your thoughts, a dime or maybe a quarter,” he said. “Emma, please talk to me.”

“If you want to sleep with me, why don’t you just say it already Edward?? I’m a very private person and… You know what, I don’t need to be explaining myself to you.” I felt like crying and can’t wait to leave.

“I meant no harm in what I said,” said Edward. “I apologize if I’ve hurt you.”
At this point I’m not talking or looking at him any longer.
“Look, I need to get home; the babysitter is waiting for my return.” Edward said good-bye and left.

I remained seated there motionless, staring nowhere. ‘Why did this happened to me?’ I asked myself. I got up and started walking to find Dina and Melanie. I want to go home.


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