The New M.E. Generation

{November 24, 2008}   ¡Que Viva España! 9 – Goodbye to you

I don’t know from Fernando’s whereabouts for about two weeks.

I started thinking, like I have with the other guys I’ve gone out with, that maybe I did something wrong during the date that ‘scared’ him away. I deeply felt there weren’t negative reasons, but instead good ones that should compel Fernando to contact me again.

Based on this conclusion, I decided to give it a chance and gave him a call, but with no luck. I didn’t leave a voice message.

I’m disappointed and consider possibilities for his unavailability, including that he’s once again in another extended business trip. ‘Hey, maybe his mobile is not getting the calls or something,’ I thought to myself.

Based then on the above mentioned, I gave it another try by emailing him. I waited about a day for a response, but got none either.

Another week went by and when I didn’t heard from him at all, I decided it was best for me to give it a rest.

‘Another one bites the dust,’ I said to myself.

After what have happened to me already, this time it will be me who will have the last word: I will write him an email saying good-bye.

‘I’m concluding from your lack of communication that you are no longer interested in speaking with me, so I won’t bother you any more. I wish you all the best,’ I wrote.

About 24 hours later, Fernando responded by saying that he’s been very busy and sick with the flu. He added that I didn’t do or say anything wrong that upset him. On the contrary, he had a good time during our date. He concluded by saying that he would try contacting me soon.

As of today, I have not heard from him again.


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