The New M.E. Generation

{November 26, 2008}   You Can Be My Hero 2 – Opportunity knocks

I’m heading to a marketer’s networking event at a sushi restaurant/lounge. Madelyn had alerted me about it; she knows I am looking for a new career opportunity, and thought it would also give me a chance to meet other people in a different social environment than that of the dating scene. I’ve never attended such an event.

The networking started at 6pm, but I didn’t get there until around 7:30pm. Considering I was late, the place was packed, meaning you had to squeeze in-between people to be able to move from ‘point A to point B’. Attempting to get a drink was harder than trying to establish contact with any of the attendees.

When I finally reached the bar, this guy who accomplished the same challenge as mine, looked at me with a face of being overwhelmed by all the people, and strikes a conversation with me. It had been so difficult to get this far we both definitely needed a drink.

We coincided that we didn’t know anybody there and wondered how we were going to be able to do any networking. We eventually parted our ways, but accomplished making contact with some people, including getting their business cards.

Around 9pm the waiters at the lounge started turning off some of the lights and a DJ set up his equipment. I couldn’t figure out if the event was over or if it was turning into an after-hours business party.

Hmm, should I stay or should I go?


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