The New M.E. Generation

{November 30, 2008}   You Can Be My Hero 6 – On being Dora the Explorer

A couple of weeks go by and there’s no sign of Brian.

Yes, I have been staring at my phone constantly ever since that night I met him and I’m taking this whole thing very personal.

I’m depressed. I mean, really depressed…

This whole dating game is lousy and is making me hate my love life with a passion.

Trying to come to some sort of resolution about what is happening to me in this aspect of my life was as difficult as trying to define the meaning of my existence.

No person is better in making me push myself to the border and find the answers I don’t want to face than Madelyn. OK, it’s time for some real good girl chat.

“Maddy, what I’m supposed to do here? I’m mad with myself for not asking Brian for his number. I let him go because he reminded me so much of my ex. I got scared that my life would repeat itself, and now I feel I let a good opportunity pass by and it sucks!”

“Ay chica (oh girl), the second part about your ex, we’ve discussed that way too much already,” said she. “The first part, though, you know very well what to do. Don’t give me that run around. ‘Conmigo no’ (not me). You know me better than that!”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Just go to the firehouse and find him, that’s what I mean!” said Madelyn.

“Say what??” I expressed it like I had not thought about that before, but was afraid to admit it, especially to myself.

“Didn’t he tell you where the station he works at is located? Then go to the Internet, do a search for the address, get on you car, drive there and, that’s it, problem solved!” said she.

There was long silent pause from my part.

“Emma, from what I know you for, you are an adventurous person. Unfortunately that part of you was also shattered during your marriage. But look at you now; you’ve gotten your life back together, you’ve traveled, you’ve come a long way since the break-up… Just rediscover this part of yourself and go for it,” said Madelyn.

She’s right; I’ve come a long way and I am in a much better place than a year or so ago when everything unraveled. Considering all the things I’ve lost already with my divorce, what else could I loose now?

“And what am I going to say when I see him, if that happens? I mean, maybe he doesn’t want to see me…” I said sort of sad.

“That your cat is stuck on a tree, that you are in need of mouth to mouth resuscitation, that your lifelong fantasy has been to slide down the pole at the fire station and getting a wedgie… C’mon sweetie, you’re a creative person! You can come up with a line that impresses him,” said Madelyn.

“I don’t have a cat,” said I.

“Call me back when you bring down the house,” concluded Madelyn.


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