The New M.E. Generation

{December 7, 2008}   You Can Be My Hero 13 – Rescue me

“Oh, my, I didn’t realize how late in the day it was!” I completely lost track of time after chatting and surfing the net with ‘the dude’ for a few hours.

I’ve been taking this workshop at the community college once a week in the evenings, and I needed to get back home, try at least to eat something, quickly change and then head to campus before rush hour.

I explained my situation to him. “Listen, I got to go, but I’ll call you when I’m back home, ok?”

Brian gave me directions of how to get back home, and again, felt I was taking the long way. ‘There has to be an easier way around!’ I thought to myself.
After I got home, I literally gulped down some food, brushed my teeth, changed clothes, got my stuff together, and ran out the door.

I didn’t even have the chance to call Madelyn to tell her about Brian.

I got out of class sometime after 9pm and head to my car and, where is it???? My heart sank when I stood in front of the empty spot where I had parked it in the street. I looked up and realized I had put it in a tow-away zone.

I haven’t been parking in the school’s parking because I hadn’t made time to get the permit, and now it finally backfired at me.

The other unfortunate part was that there was a campaign/election rally close by and in my rush to park, didn’t took notice of the street signs.

Now, how am I getting my car back? I know I need to get to the tow-trucking company to retrieve it, but I need someone to take me there tonight. If not, I’ll have to get home on the train and walk home alone a couple of blocks. Even worse, my computer is in my briefcase, and I’m afraid of getting held up.

The only person that crosses my mind is Brian.

I don’t get a hold of him on the first call (I called several times) and left him multiple messages. While I waited desperately for him to call back, I managed to locate the transit authority office on campus.

A guy there helped me out by calling the tow-truck company, getting the address of their location, payment amount ($150), etc., when Brian returns my call.

I started crying out of sheer frustration. “My car got towed and need to get it back, I don’t have a way to get home…” I sounded like a call to 911.

“Are you ok? Are you alone??” Brian asked concerned.
“I’m fine. I just want to get my car and go home. Can you help me out?” I asked sadly and still crying.
“No problem, I’m on my way,” he said.
(Oh, how nice!)

I’m sitting alone on a bench waiting for Brian to pick me up. I’m hugging my briefcase with my chin resting on top of it like I was hanging on to dear life, and I’m feeling totally moronic.

I can’t believe that on the same day I took the adventurous road to find him again, he is now about to take me on another one to hunt down my car.


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