The New M.E. Generation

{December 21, 2008}   A Spring Break in the Fall 7 – Sometimes you want to go…

The sun is coming down and there’s one last activity before dinner starts. One of the resort’s event coordinators calls upon everybody to come where he is standing on the beach.

“Emma, come with me,” says Dina. I’m perfectly comfortable in my beach chair watching the sunset and in no need to change my present ‘activity’. I gave her a look of ‘quite frankly, I’m not interested.’

She insists and shakes my chair. “I wanna go, c’mon!!” says she determined to get me out of my ‘comfort zone.’

“Oh, all right…” I responded not so enthusiastically and finally getting up the chair. We walked to where the activity is taking place.

The event coordinator is standing next to a huge waste bin. He asks people to gather around him in a circle, standing shoulder to shoulder. Dina is about two people away from me to my right.

I notice the bin is full of a dark liquid.

“OK, what we have here is sangria and everybody’s getting some ‘cause we’re all doing a toast,” said the coordinator.

Sangria?? Those made of red wine usually have a purple color. This drink had more of a dark look, meaning who knows how many different types of alcohol were mixed in it. This was surely no sangria; it was a bomb.

From where I was standing, it looked more like fuel to me. Heck, you could probably run your car with that and contribute in saving the environment.

A plastic cup was handed out; everyone then walked to the bin to fill it up. ‘Wow, this sure smells strong!’ I thought to myself.

The coordinator asked everyone to raise the cup and proceeded to make a toast (‘cheers!’). We all drank from our cup; it felt as if someone had slapped my face, hard.

‘Oh my gawd, it is that strong!’ I then thought and assuming this should be wrapping up pretty soon.

But wait, there’s more!!

“Let’s make another toast! Who wants to say one?” asked the coordinator.

Another coordinator is holding a mug and refilling cups. About four more people make toasts and each time they occurred, we all had to drink. If the cup became somewhat empty, sure enough, the guy with the mug quickly returned to make sure it was full.

I started getting restless. How many more do we have to do?

I’m not drinking that much, but the sangria is not sitting well with me. I just wanted to go back to my room, take a quick rest, change and head for dinner.

“Now we’re going to do something even more fun!” said the first coordinator. “I want you all to take a giant step forward and then shift your body to your left, standing back to back closely to each other.”

Oh, no! I think my Spring Break moment is about to occur.


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