The New M.E. Generation

{December 29, 2008}   A Spring Break in the Fall 15 – In the light of things

I believe I was in a semi-conscious state or another dimension (maybe the twilight zone or a galaxy far, far away). Whatever location in the universe, ‘zone,’ or past life I was currently experiencing, I was knocked-out. Not neither here nor quite there. My body was lying there in the bed almost face down, and in a very deep trance.

I then saw a light appear to me from a long tunnel, and in the end of it, saw someone who spoke to me: “You will feel no more pain.”

‘Awesome!’ I’m thinking to myself, ‘what I’ve asked for has finally been granted.’

Not so fast (yet again) Emma!

It was Dina who came to the room to check on me. She opened the door and did not turn on any lights. She sat in the bed next to me and tapped me on my shoulder.

“Emma…(I felt her get close to my ear) Are you alive??” I gave her an answer I can’t remember. “Listen, I brought you two aspirins for your pain. They’re here in the night table next to a cup of water. I don’t know how bad you feel, but I think one is enough…”

“I’m going back to my partying. Feel better. Bye!!” I heard Dina’s heels walking on the floor and out the door.

I heard when it closed and it took me a few minutes to react. “‘Que Dios te lo pague’” (may God bless you).

Without opening my eyes, I moved my left hand and started searching for the pills and water. I took one and swallowed it with the water. I didn’t have the strength to take the second.

‘Damn her! She’s having the time of her life, probably still partying with all those who were in the toast, and I’m here toasting with water for my prompt recovery.’

The pill quickly started working and felt going back to wherever I needed to be, consciously or not.

“Thank you…” I said to Dina.

She’s way gone from the room, and so was I.


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