The New M.E. Generation

{January 9, 2009}   A Spring Break in the Fall 24 – Life is like water skiing

After ‘disconnecting’ with Dina, I headed straight to water skiing. I was a ‘woman on a mission,’ and even passed the opportunity to do the trapeze. As it respected to this day, I was not interesting in reaching new heights by flying through the air.

I’m not going to give you ‘the full monty’ of my whole experience. What mattered that afternoon was that I got up on the skies and did it. All the guys there, including Jay, cheered at me when I successfully skied away.

At moments my mind traveled back to that day when I first tried it. All I could think was that this was not the first time I ‘fell’, but one of way too many that I did throughout my former marriage.

Although it did ended in a divorce, I don’t know how, but the more I fell, the more I got up on my feet, finding somehow the strength needed to keep going.

In a certain way life is like water skiing. You have to hold on to that rope as hard as you can and never let go of it. Think of it as if you were holding on to dear life.

And if you fall into the water (or in life), get yourself together and keep getting up. You will probably fail a couple of times, but somewhere ‘along the line,’ you will make it.

One more thing. When you finally get up on your feet (or skies), don’t look back. You can only move forward. The past is gone and so should all those bad memories. You never know, you might be heading for the ride of your life.

Trust me on this one.


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