The New M.E. Generation

{January 29, 2009}   You Have To Put Yourself First – This label is so unfashionable

I had been delaying getting my act together in some very important personal matters, like that of health insurance. Dealing with so many things one right after the other, in such a short period of time, have left me brain drained and with not much of a mind to take care of this.

I have been telling myself over and over that I needed to resolve this, but I was also playing mind games with ‘m.e.’

The truth was that I knew that when the time came to fill out the application, I would have to disclose my fertility treatments, which had already cost me being denied for coverage in the past.

It didn’t matter if I haven’t done any in over eight years, or that I was clinically ‘old’ to even attempt one, having been diagnosed as ‘infertile’ is a sure coverage ‘repellent.’

As much as I’ve tried to put this past behind me for good, this chapter in my life has always managed to come back to haunt me one time or another.

And when it does, all the bad memories and emotions blast through my mind in a glimpse of a second. This ‘label’ that the medical profession has given me is the worst feeling in the world, even more of that of being ‘divorced.’

A friend referred me to an insurance agent, made an appointment with her, and she came to my apartment to present me with options. She arrived quite prepared with an assortment of insurers to consider.

I also prepared myself by putting my past emotions aside and stating clearly to the agent that I wanted to do business with her. In other words, doing whatever she needed to do to get me covered.

Our meeting was going well when, sure enough, she asked me that particular question that I was dreading to hear:

“Have you ever undergone any type of medical treatment?”

‘Damn it! Here we go again…’


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