The New M.E. Generation

{April 18, 2009}   The Men U-Turn 2 – Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolfe?

“Ross, is that you?” He acted as he didn’t hear me.

“Ross!!” said I louder while tapping him on his shoulder.

He finally turned around and pretended to give me a look that he didn’t remembered whom I was. But his body language proved him wrong.

He had seen me, remembered whom I was in an instant, and quickly turned around in an attempt that I would pass him and not notice his presence.

But, no, it was meant that, today, I would cross his path and finally get the answer of the long pending question: ‘Why didn’t you call me back?’

“Hey,” said he while still trying to conceal his true identity. “How are you?”

“Great,” said I. “How’s the bartending job at the hotel?”

“Not exactly good. That’s why I took an additional job to make ends meet,” said he.

I noticed he was wearing a nametag that had a different last name from when I met him. He now sported one of that of a wild animal.

“Why did you change your last name??” I asked him puzzled.

“Because people couldn’t pronounce it, so I decided to take one that could be easily remembered,” said he.

Translation: I’m not really happy with who I am (including sucking at love), so changing my name is like trying to create a better version of myself.

Meaning: If you don’t change yourself, that howling of yours that you’re trying to pull off will never chase your past away.

And don’t even think of growling at me either to scare me away. I’m going nowhere until I get what I want.


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