The New M.E. Generation

{April 22, 2009}   The Men U-Turn 6 – The thoughts that I feed

Dina, her two friends and I are having a great time talking the night away about ‘girl stuff’ and I’m having a great time.

I feel very relaxed about chatting about whatever crosses my mind, meaning, not having ‘that someone’ next to me judging me for what I say or having to think twice about the thoughts I want to express.

I’m free, totally free to be myself and it feels very good.

Dina’s friends are so nice and are also bringing out the best in me. We don’t know each other, but I’m very glad to be sharing this night with them.

While conversing, I started looking around at the other tables that sat groups of patrons and all are equally enjoying their time.

But one table has really caught my attention. It’s a group of about eight guys, and their accent and physique are not that of Americans. They’re definitely not speaking English, so I kept looking at each one and listening to them trying to figure it out when, all of a sudden, my eyes quickly shifted back to one guy in particular.

M.E. witch again! OMG! Yes? No? Can it be no other than Erik, protagonist of ‘The Swedish Massage’??

Hmm, I think he’s seen me and, like Ross, is pretending not to see or recognize me.

Question is; will I get my chance to get the last word on this one?

I’ve already thought about it and the answer seems to be that, yes, my ‘me witch’ will make it happen.


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