The New M.E. Generation

{May 13, 2009}   The Men U-Turn 14 – An invisible cameo appearance

This guy introduced himself as Stephan. By his accent I could tell he was Latino, which is a minus. Dina is Latina, but for some unknown reason, Latinos are not her first choice for men.

I could tell that she was slowly but surely loosing interest in this guy, so I stepped in the conversation to try to give this guy a break with her.

“So, what are you girls up to tonight?” asked he.

“Nothing much,” I answered. “Hanging out here for food and drinks. But we’re pretty much wrapped up ‘cause she wants to go home.”

“Go home already?? It’s still early!” said he.

“Blame it on her,” said I while pointing to Dina. “I just tagged along for the night.”

Stephan gave Dina a surprised look and she had one of somewhat being embarrassed.

I interfered in the conversation yet again and asked him what he did for a living, with the hope that the conversation would survive.

“I’m involved in different things. But I primarily work 24 hours and have off 24 hours,” explained he.

“OMG!! You’re a firefighter!” said I.

“Yeah, how did you figure that out?” asked he.

“Because I know someone that is one too,” answered I.

“Really? Who?”

“Does the name Brian ring a bell?”

“Of course I do. That guy and I are colleagues. We work together at the same station.”

Oh my, the surfer dude. (Please refer to ‘You Can Be My Hero’ story.)

The one I thought I’d never see again. The one Madeline convinced me to track down and find, and re-ignited my adventurous side. The one that…

Hmm, do I need to re-visit that experience and emotions?

Honestly, I’m not feeling it.


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