The New M.E. Generation

{May 16, 2009}   The Men U-Turn 17 – Some things will always be that

“What’s wrong Dina?”

“That guy’s 30 years old. He’s too young for me.”

“No you’re not. You’re in your early 30’s, so it’s fine.”

“No it’s more like a little bit over the mid number.” (Oops! Has it been that long since we became friends? Oh yes it has!)

“I still think it’s not such a big issue. Had he become interested in me, then that would have been a concerning matter.”

“I was thinking he would be more suited for my sister.”

“Forget your sister! I you keep passing on these opportunities, you know what, one day there will be no more.

You and I have something in common. We want to have a man in our lives, but we are also avoiding getting involved so we don’t get hurt.

What will happen is that the years will come and go, and we’re going to find ourselves sitting right here where we are right now, wondering what the heck happened. And the reality is, it will be all our fault.”

Dina doesn’t say anything, but by the look on her face she knew I was saying the hard truth.

“Do me a favor,” I said to Dina, “if this guy calls, please answer the phone.”

“I’m not sure…”

“I’m not saying to get in his car or meet him somewhere by yourself. I’m saying to maybe you and I meeting up with him and his friends, which is totally a safe scenario.

Even better, I could get a hold of Brian and we could do a double date. How about that?”

Dina continues to be silent and not that all convinced. Aargh! What is it going to take to put some sense in this woman’s head?

“Listen, I think he’s a descent guy and you should give yourself this chance. What have you got to loose?”

Dina’s face remains unchanged.

“OK, I may not be the best person to dispense this advice, especially considering all the guys I met post ‘past life’ are all ‘MIA’s.’ But, hey, I don’t regret it.

In a certain manner it has made my present life interesting. But it was as the result of me giving myself that chance of living those experiences. And I think you should too. You deserve it,” I concluded.

We finally decided to wrap up for the night. Dina may have listened to my words, but I know she didn’t listen to me. The result of this night will be as always. Nothing will happen or change.

Trust me on this one.


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