The New M.E. Generation

{May 19, 2009}   The Men U-Turn 18 – I have questions, I want answers

It’s been a while since the Stephan incident.

I haven’t heard anything from Dina (which doesn’t surprise me) nor have I touched the subject because I’m pretty sure what the results are (which wouldn’t surprise me either).

And what exactly am I referring to?

That Dina did get the call and she did not answer it. Or, she let the phone call go to voicemail and she did not return it.

Or, she did get the call, answered it, met up with the guy, but the occasion bombed (thanks to her), and she never told me ‘cause she knows I’ll get upset with her.

But, how can I be this sure? What if this guy never called because he lost Dina’s number, like it happened with Brian and me?

What if after seeing Dina’s reaction at the restaurant, Stephan realized she was not worth pursuing?

Now I’m intrigued and want to get an answer. But, how do I go about that? I’m definitely not going to ask Dina directly (no need to get my stress level out of whack).

So the only other available option  is… Oh, no, not that! (Oh yes m.e.!)

I will have to contact Brian, a.k.a., the surfer dude.

Damn, the things I do for my friends. (No, I’m not doing this for myself. This guy is way out of my life!)

OK, here I go…


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