The New M.E. Generation

{July 29, 2009}   In The Beginning – You rang?

It was around 8pm on a weekend when my mobile rang. I was caught up on something else, so by the time I reached my phone, the call transferred to my voicemail.

I read the missed call number and it somewhat ‘rang a bell,’ but couldn’t pinpoint whom it belonged to. The caller left a message and I’m very curious to know whom it is.

“Emma, it’s me! Ricky!!”

‘Whaaat??’ I said to myself. This guy goes back, way back. More or less during the time that ‘The Swedish Massage’ guy first appeared.

I had taken him out of my life for good. But now I’m wondering what the hell does he want now?? Well, for starters, I have to keep listening…

“I was on the area and was calling you because…” (The message got caught off.) For goodness sake, don’t you know how to use your mobile applications correctly?

Yes, I admit it. I’m in shock. This one I was not expecting, at all! On top of that, he sounded extremely happy when I remember him being too serious for my taste.

So, what’s going on with him? All these memories related to him slowly, but surely start coming back, which is not good at all.

I honestly don’t want to talk to him. But, at the same time, I need to confront my bad memories and, like I’ve been accomplishing so far with the other guys, put them to rest.

But, before I do that, I need to get some ammo.

I’m calling Madelyn.

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