The New M.E. Generation

{August 6, 2009}   In The Beginning 9 – It’s my call

“Madelyn, you would never guess who called me!” said I sort of comically.

And, as always, she gave me a very ‘under control’ response. “Hmm, let me think… Aaah…(about a minute or so later…), no, no one out of the ordinary comes to my mind.”

“Ricky!” (she’s not impressed, not even close.)

“Well, hey, how about that?” answered her still with the same demeanor. “And what was the purpose of his call?”

“Not sure, it got cut off.”

“So what’s all the fuzz about?”

“It was totally unexpected.”

“Oh suck it up! Now, tell me, what exactly did he say??”

“Nothing that he was on the area. That’s when the call suddenly ended. But he sounded very cheery, like when you have a buzz,” said I. “Hmm, he probably called because he wants back the artwork that I’ve been baby-sitting.”

“Well, I think you got your answer. Why did you call me then??”

“I don’t know. Strange, though, that all the guys I’ve met before are all now popping up again one at a time.”

“Because you need to give this one a final closure like you’ve been doing with all the others.” (Do I? Yes, definitely!) “Call me back when you finally speak to him.”

I hanged up the phone and stared at the artwork. Darn, it is a nice piece. Blends well with my décor.

Well, I have two choices. Call him and loose it, or not calling and keeping it. But, I had given my word that I would return it.

A call it is, whatever the result may be.


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