The New M.E. Generation

{June 12, 2010}   Putting Yourself Online 9 – Making a connection

I did call Ivan a few hours later around 7pm. The call was not answered and I got an electronic recording that ‘the person for this number was not available’ and to ‘leave a message at the sound of the tone.’

I got nervous because I wasn’t sure if I had dialed the number correctly. I checked the email and it was, but still was unsure so I sent him a text message instead.

‘Hi, this is Emma from the dating site. If this is Ivan, please call me back at my number. Tried calling you a few minutes ago.’

About 20 minutes later, he returned my call. “Sorry I didn’t answer; I’m working.”

“And what type of work do you do that extends until the evening hours?” asked I.

“I’m the personal assistant for a prominent family.”

(Uu, I hope it is a celebrity like a movie star.) “What family, if I may ask?”

“I can’t really say.”

(Oh, great. He works for a Russian mob family. Not liking this mystery very much.) “Well, I hope they treat you well.”

Ivan laughs. “They do. Don’t worry it’s a wealthy family that is well known in the community. They’re not into anything illegal.” (Hey, why don’t we play some ‘Russian roulette’ and bet on it?) “It has to do with real estate.” (In this economy? If you say so…)

He and I then shifted the conversation towards the expected questions. Have you ever done online dating before? If yes, how was your previous experience? What do you want to get out from this time around?

The conversation was brief, but I felt that a good ‘connection’ was made. After we had ran out of things to say, don’t remember who asked, but the most important issue was presented, ‘Do you want to meet?’ (Yes, I do.)

Because of his extended working hours, Ivan said he would call me to let me know when he had a break to meet with me. I hope that he keeps his word and that I am available when he calls.

Between you and me, yes, I think he will.


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