The New M.E. Generation

{June 18, 2010}   Putting Yourself Online 14 – ‘Ttul’

I got a text message from Ivan the next day. It read that he had a lot of fun last night and ‘ttul’ or ‘talk to you later.’

I was ecstatic. I didn’t even have to call him. I responded that ‘me too. Hope we see each other again.’

But the funky feeling was short lived. It became very hard to speak with him over the phone. If I did, it would be sometime after 11pm or so when he ‘was done for the day.’ Or, he would return my calls a few days later or not at all.

That applied equally to texting; a late response with not much to read or none at all.

The visits to my apartment did occur, but after endless attempts from my behalf to come over and late at night after, once again, he was done with work.

Another detail was that he never really opened up to me. I could see that he was stressed out and had things he probably needed to talk out. But as much as I tried to offer him help and support, he chose to remain silent.

After a while I became disenchanted. It was obvious that he was not interested in me. The job excuse was acceptable at the beginning. But when you text someone and, for example, he responds saying he’s ‘out with the guys’ and close to where you live and doesn’t even make the effort to see you or invite you over, yeah, it is loud and clear.

There’s no need to read between the lines.

So what did I do after a while? I decided to end this (for myself) the new fashionable way; with a text message.

‘It is quite clear that you are not interested in me at all. I will not contact you any longer. Good-bye.’ (Or better yet, ‘ttul’ not!)


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