The New M.E. Generation

{September 25, 2010}   Friendship Above All 4 – An attitude problem

I didn’t send any type of communication that day because, honestly, nobody really impressed me. I also know that I’ve set the bar very high and probably no guy will work this time around or for a good time.

I don’t know why I am doing this. Maybe I should just wait a week or so and start when there might be some more new profiles to look at, and, I have a much better attitude.

A few days later, though, I got an email from (you guessed it) the divorced, smile-lacking guy. And how did that happened? Simple; I forgot that people get notified when someone else has read their profile.

The email was equally simple as his profile. He basically stated that he was impressed with my profile and was wondering if there was a possibility that we could continue exchanging emails, and be sure about each other’s intentions before taking it any further.

Hmm, interesting. It felt that he wants to take things very slowly, but also very guarded as to not get hurt. He sounded like me, but I liked it. It sure was a departure from the others who were ‘in my face’ right away or just wanted to have ‘a good time’ with me. Yeah, I can give this guy a try.

I decided to respond. I told him that what I was hoping for was to establish a friendship first. Then give it some time and if nothing else happened, that hopefully the friendship would remain.

I don’t think he will go for it, but let’s see how he reacts.


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