The New M.E. Generation

{October 27, 2010}   Friendship Above All 24 – Last words

It’s obvious that I did not stay with Alex that night. This whole situation became an unfortunate one that shouldn’t have led to where it did.

It was one of those of ‘he said, she said’ in which neither part was right or wrong that inevitably ends the same way: people separate and, most of the time, for good.

I hate when it ends like this. One thing I’ve learned in my ‘not so short’ life is that the last memory you have of another person should never be a bad one, especially when there is not a real reason to do so.

But even if I had tried for this to end in good terms, I don’t think it was in either one of us to get there at this time.

Maybe if I let a few weeks go by and called him again, and offered to just talk open-heartedly, without fighting or disagreements, and try to conclude whatever there is (or not) between us, might lead to something better.

Between you and me, I don’t think that will be the case, because the two parts need to be in agreement to do so. But, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.


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