The New M.E. Generation

{February 1, 2011}   Something About Me 2 – My memory reconnects

Wait, I think I’m starting to remember. After some more emails, I finally put the pieces together. My ‘reconnection’ and his friend lived off-campus on the same apartment building, and on the same floor. ‘Reconnect’ was also dating a girl I knew.

But there was still a missing link. My relationship with Raad was basically a friendship and was involved with him very briefly. And, ‘reconnect’ said they knew each other from school, but weren’t buddies.

So, what was the deal that made ‘reconnect’ remember me, including my name, after some pretty long years?

“You had all the guys’ heads spinning when they saw you with Raad,” said ‘reconnect’. What? You’re saying that I was cute, or nice looking? “You certainly made an impression on them. People would take notice on you.”

Me? What the heck they saw in me? I know I always tried to look my best with the limited spending money I had. But some of the fashion I sported back then at times served me no justice.

So, again, what was it about me that apparently separated me from the rest?

No freaking idea. Still trying to figure it out.



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