The New M.E. Generation

{February 14, 2011}   Something About Me 11 – Connections continue

Shortly after this dream occurred, I received a new email from another guy from school. He saw my photo and name under my education profile in another social site (not the alumni one) and recognized me.

OMG! I do remember this guy and can’t believe he did for me. We only attended one class in the whole four years of school. But it’s interesting to think that I do remember where he sat and he was the only person I made friends with or recall from that class.

I mean, from such a big class being the only person to have a recollection of. How does that happen? Probably did because he would write for the college paper and would always criticize some situation in school negatively.

Like the one time he wrote that the juice from the cafeteria machine wasn’t cool enough to drink. It was as warm as…(you figure it out). I crossed him one time on campus and told him that if he was to write negatively, to please provide some constructive criticism or solutions.

After the class was completed, we kept bumping with each other from time to time in different school events and activities, until school was over, never to know anything from each other, until now. Wow, quite a lot that I remembered.



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