The New M.E. Generation

{April 27, 2011}   Something About Me 16 – Emotional recovery

After that last conversation, I took a break from talking to him. His insight had hit me hard and I needed to emotionally detox.

More than anything, I was mad at myself for allowing so much to happen. It got to a point that it was so overwhelming, I don’t recall if I did anything or not. I think it was more like I disconnected from my reality.

In my next conversation, I learned that my former island friend had also gone through a great deal of loss in recent years, and was dealing with some heavy emotions.

It was at least comforting to have someone totally getting what I had experienced and felt before. We were dealing with those painful moments every day, some being good and some bad.

We were making every effort to bring normalcy back to our existence, to try to relinquish that moment when everything was all right, when we never expected to experience such big blows.

“You and I don’t deserve what happened to us,” said he. “There is no sense in trying to find a reason for it. All we can do now is live our days one at a time, and find the peace that we so greatly need.

I’m so glad you looked for me. You have no idea how much good it has been for me.”

“Believe me, I do!” said I.

Me, remembering him was no accident. It was another divine intervention.


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