The New M.E. Generation

{May 9, 2011}   Something About Me 17 – Reconnection, repeat

Just when I thought all connections had been made with guys I used to know or had remembered me for an assortment of reasons back in college, I get, not one, but two emails through two separate social sites from a another guy from school.

I opened them both and one had a picture from years past and the other was more current. I stared at the older one and the person’s name with quite attention. What I felt was a weird, contradictory feeling of knowing and recognizing him, but having not much recollection of events that occurred that related to both of us.

I remembered that we knew each other, we dated or were friends (either or both) and that was it. I believe it was a brief thing, whatever it was, but there was also a feeling of sadness and loss, which origin I had no memory of.

I was truly happy to have been contacted by another former alumni and, once again, became curious to get an update of his current life. But, most important, I wanted to know why he decided to contact me and what were the circumstances that made him do that. And, of course, what the heck I am remembered for.

Sounds like the first connection is getting repeated all over again.


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