The New M.E. Generation

{May 13, 2011}   Something About Me 21 – It happened

This guy and I did not email each other for a couple of days. As they progressed, I realized that as equally as he did, my old feelings for him started to resurface again as well.

I don’t remember the last time I felt this way. It could only equal when one falls in love for the first time. You don’t know exactly how it happened, it just did. It was one of those moments that you get a very pure and sincere feeling.

Then I got an email from him telling me he had a chance to speak to me the following day, so we set-up a time to do so.

The whole day at work I kept watching the clock and wishing for the hours to go by so I could get home. When he finally called I felt I was getting called the first time by a guy I had a crush with like in those early adolescent years. Yes, it was like feeling young again.

The conversation was brief and only wished we could have talked for more time.

A few more calls later I realized there was chemistry between us we couldn’t deny. Whatever we felt before was back and very much alive.

I felt I was walking on air, that there was someone in the distance that cared and loved me for exactly who I was; someone who would give anything to be with me if he could.

Yes, if he could, because, unfortunately, he is not free to do so. The circumstances of our present lives don’t allow us that.

I just wonder now, what was the circumstances back then that did not allow for us to stay together?


magdamest says:

Dear Shithead: thank you for reading my blog. although I disagree with your comment, I respect your opinion and will consider any behavior modification if necessary.

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