The New M.E. Generation

{May 16, 2011}   Something About Me 22 – The issue attached

Our conversations continued, which eventually centered on love, relationships, marriage and my divorce.

I learned from him that his marriage was in a standstill. His spouse and he understood that they still loved and respected each other very much, but the way they envisioned the latter years was different for both. It means that they will have to separate for the sake of each other and their family. But, when that decision is to be made is yet to be determined.

“You know, getting divorced sucks,” said I. “As much civilized and respectfully you may do it, or, like in my case, it was the best that could have happened to me, it’s a very difficult process, especially when children are involved.

I know I am in a much better place right now, but I’m still dealing with my recovery, and I will probably do so for many more years.

The circumstances regarding your relationship are your private matter and what you, or both, decide to do is as well. But I will say this; you and I are not getting any younger. Every day, week or month that goes by is like a year of life for us.

If what you are telling me is the truth, then the two of you should part ways and live the life you both deserve. Do it when you still have the time and drive to start over again.”

He didn’t respond to what I told him other than that I was right. And, between you and me, of course I wished he were single again. But, unfortunately, he, like most of the guys I’ve met, has an attachment, or complication.

Darn it, will I ever meet a guy that is hassle-free?


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