The New M.E. Generation

{July 18, 2011}   Something About Me 30 – Underlying message

I really wasn’t expecting any more responses from this guy regarding the whole incident, but I did.

To yet another surprise, he started his email stating that he was traveling and access to the Internet was not available at times.

If such is the case, where in the world is he that communicating is so complicated that he still felt compelled to respond? After all, I’m not important to him any more.

He then continued writing that he had apologized to me numerous times and did not know how else to do it any more. Also, that he knew I was expecting much more from him, and that he hoped I could move on from the anger I was feeling towards what happened.

He concluded stating that he could respond to me further when possible.

I, once again, read it many times and responded when I was sure of what I wanted to say, which was expressed like this:

‘I’m not expecting anything from you now or later.

What hurts me is that you terminated our friendship and never got an explanation as to the reason for such.

I have moved on in my own way and know that life will repeat itself; we will loose contact and eventually forget about each other. Perhaps it is the best thing to do.’

What I forgot to mention to him was that I have accepted his many apologies, but I will not forgive him. After all I’ve gone through, this I won’t do. Maybe later, when he’s really out of my life and the hurt is no more.

I haven’t received any more emails from him and don’t expect any more. I think he got my message and I have said all that I needed to.

Do I expect anything else to happen? No.

I think this reconnection finally got disconnected.


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