The New M.E. Generation

{September 1, 2011}   The Undateables 4 – Gathering my ammunition

My guess was correct. About a week later, he sent me an email asking if we could meet. “Hey, if you’re friends with my friend,” said he, “you’re definitely someone of a good caliber. I’m traveling this week, but will contact you once I’m back.”

Great! He sounds he’s comparing me with a guy, or maybe he’s still hooked on that chick, who’s caliber to me is quite questionable.

So I aligned my ammunition and responded the following day. ‘Sounds good, we will talk upon your return. Have a good trip.’ And after the story I heard about him, even if he’s just on business, I bet you he will make the best of it, even if a chick in included (or not).

There were some more brief emails during the week following keeping in touch about our pending meeting or date, or whatever it was to be defined. As the days passed, I grew increasingly concerned about meeting him. Perhaps the chick story has had a bigger impact on me towards how I perceived him without even having a phone conversation.

I think the other part of the issue here is that I haven’t been on a date with a guy or socialized with one alone for some time. And the discomfort of the story, combined with my close friendship with the person who suggested me being friends with him, is making me insecure because there are expectations to behave in a certain way (like being a crazy someone willing to do anything that this guy wants).

Oh, my; why can’t things be easier for me? Hopefully the business trip will take a long time, enough for me to get myself together and hopefully make something good out of whatever might happen.


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