The New M.E. Generation

{September 2, 2011}   The Undateables 5 – Let’s do it

Just when I had forgotten about him, I received an email that he was back and wanted to set up a day to meet, as well as his phone number for me to call him to coordinate.

Oh, well, I wrote the information down and waited to get home to call. I started to get nervous before I dialed. ‘Let’s get this over with’ and did it. (‘Please don’t answer, please don’t answer…)

Got my wish, he did not. But…he returned mine not that much time later.

“Well, hey,” said he, “what’s going on?” (Oh, no. His voice sounds weird; too perky for my taste. Maybe that was the catch for that chick.)

“Not much, working. Pretty much what people do (except you).” There was a brief silence during the call, meaning not much chemistry there. “But I am glad we finally speak.”

“Yeah, your friend is a dear buddy of mine, and if you’re a good friend of him as well, I just knew you were someone good to meet.” (I’ve heard this before. Have these two been talking behind my back?) “So, when is it going to happen?”

“You tell me, I’m pretty flexible.”

“OK, let’s do this on Friday at 7pm. Think about what you want to do and we’ll go for it. I’ll pick you up.”

“All right, until then.”

What to do? You’re asking me? Aren’t you the crazy one?

What could I think about of doing that might impress him?

And he picks me up? Now that would be totally nuts.

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