The New M.E. Generation

{September 6, 2011}   The Undateables 6 – Ready, set, go!

After much back and forth on what to do, it was agreed to do an early dinner and, depending how the night went, continue on to something else.

When my day at work finished, I literally ran home to get ready. First thing in order was to wash my hair and give it a blow dry. After that was time for make-up. Then the first panic attack hit me. What am I wearing?

I stopped the make-up and opened my closet to figure out what to wear. I knew a dress was the way to go, and started looking over one by one, but nothing was doing it for me.

Then I got the second panic attack. He called me. ‘Oh, no; hopefully he’s not calling to tell me he’s on his way.’

“Hey, I’m running behind schedule. I’ll pick you up at 9pm,” said he.

That is good for me in the getting ready part, bad in that I’m already hungry and need to put something in my stomach. Otherwise, food is not going to sit well with me. And don’t even think about drinks; it will make matters worse.

Aargh! This date is bound to be a disaster!


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