The New M.E. Generation

{September 7, 2011}   The Undateables 7 – See Emma run

I ran to my kitchen and started munching on whatever was available such as peanut butter and cookies. But I was putting empty calories in my stomach and that made a number on me, especially for eating quite fast.

What can I tell you? I was nervous, way nervous. And to complicate it even more, I made the mistake of drinking some wine.

It was nothing less than an explosive combination. My stomach was aching and had a little buzz. All that I needed now was to get a headache or maybe puke.

I then ran back to my closet to finish getting ready. I glanced again quickly through my dresses from beginning to end, then from last to first.

I came across one I haven’t worn for a while. Don’t know if it was on style or not, but wasn’t wrinkled, and had some really funky shows to go with it, so this is the one.

I finished dressing up in all aspects of it and sat on my sofa to wait to get picked up. Then it hit me; what time is it? I looked at my watch and it was almost 9pm.

So, where is this guy? Should I call him?

I turned on the TV and thought about waiting for a few minutes in case he finally arrived. I was already panicking again and about to call him when my phone rang. ‘Hope he’s not delayed again.’

“Hey, I’m downstairs. Get over here.”

Oh, no; now I’m really panicking.


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