The New M.E. Generation

{October 31, 2011}   Putting Yourself Online 25 – Painful reality

It was late at night, again, when I got this text. I was blown away to the point of beyond belief of what I had read.

I know things were bad and the worst I thought that could have happened was that they would break up. This was something that never crossed my mind.

Now I was feeling very sorry for Ivan and almost cried. Of all people I knew, he is the last one I thought something like this would happen to.

What should I do now? He doesn’t talk much, so what good can I do for him?

I decided to call him anyway and told him I was really sorry (really!) and that I meant it. He simply answered ‘thank you.’

I could tell he was really down, probably at the lowest point in his life, and even with less of an interest to talk.

But I could feel his pain. It was very deep and it was to a level I did not want to ignore. I decided to invite him to come over again to my place and talk it over, and he accepted.

I hanged up and started feeling sort of dizzy. I still cared about him and when bad things happen to people I care about, it affects me as well.

But his situation also hit a nerve. It was tapping on old times and feelings that I had thought I had already put to rest.

I kept telling myself that it’s now all in the past, that I’ve moved on, that my life is way much better than before.

I don’t need to dwell on anything else any more, period.

But, still, why do these kinds of things happen? Why?

Do we make them happen or does life have control over them?


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