The New M.E. Generation

{December 12, 2011}   Another Cougar Moment 10 – Getting the message

I was deeply asleep when my cell phone started to buzz. It was on a weekend and I, not knowing what day it was, automatically reacted as if it was the alarm.

I kept pressing on it trying to turn it off, when it was really the phone ringing.

It stopped and I went back to sleep. A few minutes later, it buzzed again. This time I was awakened and could only think something terrible had happened to a loved one.

I answered anyway, even though I didn’t looked at the caller’s ID.

“Hey, it’s me, Jesse!”

‘What??’ I thought to myself. I opened my eyes and saw it was 3am. (WTF??)

“What the heck are you doing calling me at this time??” asked I.

“My friends and I just left a bar and we’re getting some pizza. I want to come over your place and bring you some.”

He sounded somewhat incoherent, which means he probably had one drink too many and not in full control of himself.

“Listen,” said I, “stay with your friends, enjoy the pizza; I’m not letting you in my apartment, even less at this time.”

“What? Bitch! I’m going over your place!”

(Say what??) “You can do whatever you want. Even if you climbed walls, I still wouldn’t let you in. And, you called me a bitch!!”

I hanged up on him and he called back several times, but I kept pressing the reject button so the calls would go directly to voice mail.

He stopped calling when he got ‘the message’ that I was not answering the phone any more.

What a jerk this guy turned out to be! I may have not answered the last calls, but I will surely do so later when I really communicate my bitchy side to him.


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