The New M.E. Generation

{December 30, 2011}   Another Cougar Moment – Sorry, I’m not available at this time

I kept on with my day and sometime late in the afternoon, like around 5pm, I text Jesse back.

‘Hey sorry, still not all done. You must be gone by now. (translation: hopefully you’re far away)

‘Leaving tomorrow.’ (oh, my) Next translation: I still need to be unavailable.

Reality was, I had spent part of the day with a girlfriend and was having a good time. It was a Sunday and was trying to make the best of the weekend before it was all over.

But I also like to get home at a descent time and get ready for work the next day. And when I get on that mode, I’m not really into having people around or even getting late to bed.

It was funny though that after a few more messages, Jesse asked, ‘Are you with a guy?’

Damn, I wish. Yes, I was with someone else, but of another kind. It was like he sensed I was not entirely alone.

I don’t know where Jesse was or what he was doing, but after some more questions from his behalf, I simply replied, ‘It’s complicated.’

I didn’t answer his question either or. It all meant I’m still a control freak, someone who has a schedule, for better or worse, to hopefully have her life organized.

Is there some space for someone new? At this present time, yes, I believe I do, especially one that’s not as complicated as this one.

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