The New M.E. Generation

{January 10, 2012}   Emotions Re-Act 2 – Wishful thinking

This is how it all happened.

It was one of my summer college breaks and I was trying to do some modeling to earn some money for the school year.

I got a call from a casting agency that they were looking for a female to appear in a TV commercial for a men’s European clothing store. The lead role was to be played by him, this guy, an actor.

I couldn’t believe it when I heard it on the phone. He was already established in his career and was well known by everyone.

One particular characteristic about him was that although he was popular, he was always accessible to the public.

Even more, he had never been involved in a regrettable situation, and was responsible for his work as anyone else in any other profession.

A few days before I was to appear in the casting, I was watching TV and came across a soap he was appearing at.

‘He seems like a really nice guy,’ I thought to myself. ‘I wish I had the chance to meet him.’

Reality was, I had never met anyone famous so far, and, what were the odds that I would be picked for the commercial?

Among all the possible choices that the agency had, what was it about me that made them consider me for the role?

This guy looked totally sure of himself, knew where he was going with his career and how to get there.

Me, I hadn’t even graduated and had no idea what to do with my life as a whole, period.

My insecurities went into overdrive. ‘There is no way I will get cast for this, even less with him,’ I thought.

Just like the soap I was watching, my life was definitely like it, totally dramatic.


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