The New M.E. Generation

{January 12, 2012}   Emotions Re-Act 4 – Getting the call

I don’t remember how many days went by, but I did get the call that I got it. How I reacted to it is all a blur, but I think I was as happy as when I got accepted to college.

In other words, this was probably one of those few extraordinary moments in my life so far.

I do remember that I was asked to get my nails done (which ended being fake because I used to bite them), and get a pair of black high heel shoes. Someone also accompanied me from the production to find an outfit.

Wait; got the outfit, then the shoes and nails (all paid for).

The next memory I have was at the day of the shooting. The location was at a bar and the storyline was the actor was to be sitting down, I would ‘make my entrance’ (a.k.a., dancing at the door), would walk up to him, do a pass at him, walk-away, he would go after me, and I would grab his tie and pull him close to me. End of story.

Aaaah…first of all, I was underage, meaning I wasn’t old enough to be at a bar, and even less to be picking up a guy. (I still don’t know how to quite do that nowadays.)

After all was explained to me, I needed to get ready and then shoot my scenes. I started feeling good, and that helped me relax and focus on what I needed to do.

So, when was this guy scheduled to arrive? How was I going to react when I finally saw him?


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