The New M.E. Generation

{January 24, 2012}   Emotions Re-Act 7 – Still frames

After lunch it was time to shoot the scenes in which we appeared together.

By this time we had already been introduced, but because there was no dialogue in the commercial, the communication between us was very limited.

There was one scene where he was sitting at the bar and all you could see from me was my hand coming from his back, moving upward until it reached his shoulder.

When I was told what I had to do, all that crossed my mind was, ‘I have to touch him?’ (aaaaahhhhhh!!!!)

While the camera was being set, I stared at him and was a nervous wreck. He was so relaxed, so in control of everything. I wondered, could he feel my vibe?

When I finally placed my hand on his shoulder, it was a feeling I can’t explain. It was something like the Earth stood still for a moment and all these fireworks exploded inside of me.

I switched my attention to my nails. My mother had expressed that they looked sort of trashy. Great! Now he’s going to think the same.

I also took a look at the suit he was wearing. It looked mighty good on him (more fireworks).

Later there was another scene together and both were shot as many times as needed until gotten right.

The shooting took us late into the night and I was fine with that because it meant I spent more time with him.

But, all good things come to an end. I think before he left, I built enough courage to give him my phone number. If I did, it was the most self-confident moment of my life so far.

By the time I finally got home, I was excited and sad. I had the moment of my lifetime and it was all over.

Can I get more of them, please?


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