The New M.E. Generation

{February 6, 2012}   Emotions Re-Act 10 – A guy with views

After the brunch event, this guy and I saw each other on and off during the rest of the summer.

I took a college course as well as a part-time job, which made my time quite interesting.

He kept appearing on TV and other media, so I was always up to date on his whereabouts.

I think before I left again to college, his birthday came up, and I had a chance to see him. I gave him a card with a message I personally wrote. He really appreciated my gesture.

The last time I saw him on TV was in another soap. He was playing a gypsy named ‘Piero’. The character had been away from the community and there was a rumor that he had apparently returned to the area. Another male gypsy was trying to find out what was going on. From the look of his face, he wasn’t happy if ‘Piero’ was actually back, as it represented a threat to him.

In the next scene, two women found Piero unconscious on the beach and took him to their home. One of the two kept staring at him and seemed to know who he was (or was trying to conceal it from the other woman).

Piero was placed to rest on a bed. He was still unconscious and without a shirt. OMG!! Is this politically correct?

That was the episode. Wait!! I want to see more (of him, not the soap)!

Shortly after my return to school my birthday came up. I think he called me to congratulate me, and believe this was the last time we spoke. I don’t recall contacting him during the holiday break.

By the time my school year was over and returned home, he was already involved with his ex-wife, so that was pretty much the end of whatever connection there was, until now.

It’s ironic that, many years later, it was through TV that I learned what had happened to him. But this was no soap, it was very much ‘reality’.

So what’s next chapter of this drama? Am I going to contact him or what?



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