The New M.E. Generation

{February 20, 2012}   Emotions Re-Act 12 – Mental work

The next day I responded that I would love to speak with him, but didn’t want him to get into trouble.

My preference would have been to meet personally, but that’s out of the question.

So, instead, I asked him what is the best way to communicate with him.

He responded by giving me his cell phone number and stating, ‘don’t worry, that won’t happen. Call any time you want.’

Any time? Isn’t he in a relationship? Well, if he says so…

I then sent him a text message with my number, to which he responded upon receipt as ‘got it!’

After this, I decided to make time at night to call him, which I did around 8pm.

I sat down somewhere comfortable with no distractions around (like watching TV), and prepared myself mentally and emotionally.

I started thinking how many years have gone by and how I never thought this moment would ever happen again.

Flashes of memories quickly crossed my mind and still wondered how it all came to be, and how significant that particular day was.

And, as usual, before I dialed, I got nervous.

Yes, the years have been many, but certain emotions will never grow old.


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