The New M.E. Generation

{May 10, 2012}   Emotions Re-Act 14 – Not to be continued

What happened next is that nothing happened.

I tried calling him several times after our last conversation, but he never answered nor returned my calls.

In other instances I emailed or sent him text messages, but with the same results.

I followed his activities online and at many times he was back home. I thought at first he wasn’t responding because he was with his girlfriend or family (as shown from his pictures), but it got to a point that I got upset.

It became obvious he has no interest in speaking to me again.

The reasons why is a situation I will not dwell upon or let get into me. If it is because of something I said over the phone, well, whatever. I will no longer measure what I say or do to get the acceptance of others. If this is a problem with you, it is your loss, not mine.

What really upsets me is that he said he wanted to meet up with me. I would have preferred that he would have told me that, because of his personal situation, he preferred to keep communicating that way we had done so far.

This way I would have respected him more which right now I really don’t, the same way I do with the rest of the guys who came before him.

Secondly, my belief is that when you have a significant other, meaning they don’t need from others, especially when no ‘benefits’ are involved, they don’t care about following through.

If he had been totally alone here in this city with just a few friends or whatever, he would have probably met up with me.

So, unfortunately, this story will not have a second installment. It will keep its ‘cliff hanger’ for me to give a conclusion to, or not.

Maybe I should leave it as it and that’s it.

The End.


shithead says:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…you are f’ing kidding me with this stuff. You’re embarrassing yourself with chasing men from your past who don’t want you, over and over again. It is, my dear, most time for a therapist.

magdamest says:

Dear Shithead: Sorry that you feel this way. I am just trying my best in whatever I’m doing. You live and learn, that’s all it is.

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