The New M.E. Generation

{November 19, 2012}   Looking Back 2 – What a beach

That’s exactly where we met: the beach.

There was a time during my early adolescence when I used to spend every Sunday with my mom at the beach. She had these friends she would meet up weekly and this guy lived on the same building as one of them.

I don’t remember how and when he and I met, but I’m sure he made quite an impression on me, pretty much like most of the guys I’ve met up throughout my life.

To start with, I’m sure I thought he was cute, was most probably sporting a great tan, an amazing body, and I was captivated by his intelligence and self-confidence. We also attended the same school.

He had all that I thought I lacked. And I would gravitate towards all of them guys for some unknown reason I still can’t figure out.

What was I thinking, that somehow their skills would get transferred to me in some magical way and make me the version of myself that I thought should be?

Why was I getting attracted to people whom I thought I had nothing good to offer to?

Yep, that was I back then and, now?

I think my self-confidence and thinking skills are pretty good right now, but instantly attaching to guys I like?

Unfortunately, that’s still happening.


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