The New M.E. Generation

{December 10, 2012}   Looking Back 5 – Connected, turned on, disconnected

After this glorious event, things went back to what they used to be. We kept seeing each other on the beach and in-between classes at school.

The only thing that changed was that he took me to his apartment a couple of times, but nothing that shouldn’t have happened did. It would be during the daytime and his parents would be around.

I think he gave me a ride home a couple of times after school, but don’t remember going for one at night again.

Eventually I gave up on him and started seeing another guy from school, but I never quite took my eyes off of him.

The last times I saw him was during one of my summer college breaks back at home when I was working in a restaurant as a hostess. Among all that we talked he mentioned he was driving limos to make money.

I got to see him the very last at his apartment. He was meeting with another med student and was checking out a microscope he was thinking of buying. He again treated me very respectfully and nothing evolved from there. After the summer was over we both went back to college and that was it.

I guess that was our pattern of behavior; we would meet, had some sparks that quickly vanished and would loose contact all together for good, until now.

So that’s how is it going to be yet again? Guess so.


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