The New M.E. Generation

{April 1, 2013}   The Undateables 22 – One, two, three?

I know what to do here. I’ll speak to one of my girlfriends about it. It’s been a while since I’ve shared my guy troubles with them over the phone.

Honestly, when I’m with any of my bff’s, I just rather talk about pretty much about anything else. And, my stories got repetitive after a while, so I decided to put them aside.

But, hey, maybe they’re curious about it now, so I’m calling Madeline. If I want the truth well told she’s the one to give it to me.

“Hey, girl,” said she, “ what do you have to tell me that I might not know about?”

“Well, you know me,” said I, “there’s always something going on with a guy. Remember that one which my first date was a total disaster?”

“What? That guy still around? What’s wrong with you? Are you that desperate?”

“No, I thought a second chance would be fine. Let’s face it, there’s hasn’t really been a follow-up with most of the others.”

“But, did you had to give it to this one? Whatever, tell me all about it.”

I gave her the details and pulled my phone slightly away from my ear. I knew the backlash was quickly about to happen.

“I can’t believe you let that guy into your apartment, especially after sounding strange over the phone!” said she.

“I honestly thought nothing would happen.”

“Seriously, with the history that he has? Nothing happened because you put a brake to it, but it was that close. Listen to me good, if there’s ever a next time, which I seriously hope not, just meet him up somewhere and don’t move from that location. If you do is just to make your exit and head home.”

All right, the conversation wasn’t that bad after all. I thought she was really going to give it to me. But, she’s right; she’s always, always right. That’s why I called her.

And regarding a next time with this guys, well, there’s a saying that ‘third’s a charm’ or it could certainly hit a strikeout.


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