The New M.E. Generation

{April 29, 2013}   Take Me Back 2 – Uncharted territory

These guys were surprised and happy that I was talking to them.

Let’s consider the current scenario. You are having the opportunity to travel the world and getting educated for a lifelong career.

But, you are bottled-up on a ship with a whole bunch of guys, probably weeks on end, and you’re finally on land. Having some human contact, especially with a young chick, sure made your travel all worth it.

I learned they were from Europe, a country known for its abundance of water, a certain kind of flower and some very funky shoes.

One of them, Johann, explained to me that he was in the navy preparing to become a marine merchant. He was very polite and respectful.

I briefed him about my life as simple as possible. I basically told him that I was a girl born and raised in this neighborhood, in high school, and looking forward to eventually going to college in the US.

I was about to wrap-up the conversation when Johann told me their ship had arrived today and was to be docked for about a week, as well as open to the public during the weekend, and that he would be very happy if I could visit him.

It felt like one of those scenes from a movie that looked too orchestrated to be possible. But it happened to me and my performance had just earned me the critic’s choice award.

I told him I would try to make it. The ship was located not that far by car; walking was possible (like these guys had done), but not the best option for me.

The guys left and I went back to my girlfriends and told them what happened. They were still in awe for what I did and even more now for the invitation.

“Hey, why don’t we all go together?” asked I. They all looked at me like, ‘are you kidding? We don’t have driver licenses even less a car.’

My only other option was my mom, if you could call her that. What am I going to tell her? How is she going to take it?

Sound like my audacity will sink into the deep if I don’t navigate this situation well.


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