The New M.E. Generation

{May 6, 2013}   Take Me Back 3 – The way things were

The rest of the school week continued as usual. I didn’t tell my mom about Johann.

She went back to work after my parents split a few years earlier. They cared about me, but also instilled a sense of independence. In exchange, they were hoping I wouldn’t get into trouble or do anything they might disapprove of. My place was to be in school or related activities after classes, or at home studying.

I was afraid that if they learned of what I did, that trust would be put in question.

But, hey, I was a teenager, and very much looking for some excitement in my life.

Lucky for me, the newspaper advertised (yes, I do read the paper) that Johann’s ship was in town and to be open to the public during the weekend just as he said. There was even a picture of it.

‘Wow, this is so interesting!’ I kept looking at it and wondered why my life couldn’t be this way.

For starters, I was a girl and boys were the ones who could anything and get away with it. Unfortunately that’s how things worked out way back then.

So, what am I doing to do about it?

“Mom, take a look at this!”


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