The New M.E. Generation

{July 8, 2013}   Take Me Back 12 – Whereabouts unknown

I placed all the letters back in the box, finished organizing the storage space, closed it and left.

I know I probably should have left with the last letter I received of him. I had no idea of his whereabouts, so perhaps doing a search with the returning address could lead to something.

But it has been so many years. Chances are he had moved, even maybe to another country. Then there was his marital status; it could be either way.

Even more, maybe he was still traveling for work and not that easily to get a hold of.

I know there are social sites to search at, but what if he shared a profile with his significant other? If he did, I can’t send him a message.

I got home and promptly got on my computer. I started my search with his first and last name, nothing. I then tried first name, middle initial and last. Again, nothing.

Tried the last option again and added the name of the country. Switched to typing his nickname with last name. I tried all data I could remember, including the ship’s name.

I wasn’t getting any results, nothing that at least could give me a clue about him. It was like trying to find someone that has never existed.

I couldn’t believe that with all the technology available, I was in the same spot as the beginning.

Now what? Smoke signals, sniffing dogs, send an SOS?

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