The New M.E. Generation

{March 3, 2014}   Love At First Site – Adding it

I waited about a week later to visit that dating site Ivan talked to me about.

As with any other I’ve used or considered previously, I took the time to read what they had to offer and decide if it was worth my time.

It had the basic features of any other; you had to create a profile and add pictures to it. What caught my attention was how they would find matches for you; it was all determined using math calculations.

They have these questions for you to answer that covered many subjects. The minimum to do is 100, so the more answered, the better your chances of getting compatible matches.

The other aspect that I liked about the site was that they featured all persons working on the site and explained how the software calculated the matches.

Hate to admit, I’ve never been good at math, but if others have taken the time to explain how the science behind this madness works, then they do know what they’re doing.

All right, let’s begin. Started completing the general part of the profile and decided to leave the questions for another day.

Then comes the real deal; what you like and dislike, what you want from the other person, etc.

This is the tricky part. I know what I want from a guy, but, how much am I really willing to disclose publicly to get that?

And regarding the photos, will I post current or past ones? When men see them, what image or perception am I hoping to project?

In other words, how far will I really go with this?

I stared at the screen and became worried. It has been quite many years since I’ve given another dating site a try.

When I started on this, I just wanted to find someone, fast. Now I’m questioning what my current needs are and how much another person will add on to my total life equation?

Would it be a ‘+’, ‘-‘, or ‘+/-‘?


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